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Art for Sharing Colouring In Flags by iServalan #artflags #iservalan #mindful

The Garden is the latest colouring in flag by iServalan featuring a central bouquet of flowers set in a romanesque vase and surrounded by owls and peacocks. iServalan is the official artist at the Tale Teller Club projects and has been working on monochrome animations for episodes 1-5 of the Immersion book series. 'I am seduced totally by monochrome design. I love Helmet Newton style imaging and  Robert Mapplethorpe . The internet is awash with hyper colour and AI at the moment and I am really looking for something less flashy that has a retro feel. Black and white stands out in the current landscape. The flags take many hours to do. The central vase is a vintage drawing that I traced and redrew, whilst staying true to its origins, for a massive blow-up sized flag. The flags will take many hour to colour in and can be coloured using all sorts of pens, inks, and paint. You can even use wash - out paints to use the flags again and again.' The Tale Teller Club Official Podcast is