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Friday, April 7, 2023

Immersion V1 Strata 7 Jarome and the Scritters (Trade and Barter)

Welcome to Immersion, you have reached Strata 7

Humans have developed uniqueness from animals through a process of cognitive evolution. 

They are exceptional cultural learners and can read situations. These skills have enabled them to develop complex trading tools. They rely heavily on these skills to create abstract cerebral and linguistic representations when placing themselves in various environments.

The cultural and socio-political environment in which humans have evolved has led them to acquire the cognitive skills, particularly mathematical, to support a sophisticated disposition and capacity for reciprocal cooperation and conceptual ideas of property and exchange value. Humans are savvy, humans broker deals.

Outside there was an optimistic sun and the people busied around the market unaware of any of the commotion that had occurred in the bank.

The POS informed Renyke that he had lost negligible battery power and there was no damage to his mechanical structures.

The robo-dog came towards Renyke and the female guide's cat leapt onto her shoulders.

Maybeline returned to Renyke's pocket for a nap.

'You got my bits?' asked the woman

'Go to Hell!' said Renyke, counting the contents of the steal.

'We already in hell soldier man,' cackled the woman who had resigned herself to not getting paid. She ran into the crowds, as lithe as her cat

Back on the main street Flex approached, smiling and jaunty. Renyke felt reassured to see him.

'I need a vehicle Flex, something to get me to where I am going,' said Renyke.

'Yes, yes, yes Mr. Leather Man, where you going is where I'm going. Let's find a veee-hicle. Jerome, he is the car man, he got cars, and bikes and scoots..... and copters, and airships so they say.'

'Take me to Jerome,' said Renyke.


Flex took Renyke into a disused concrete building as the robo-dog curled up and waited outside.

There are the echoes of voices, activity and motor engines being revved from another part of the building. There was a smell of fuel and mumbled communications. Somewhere too there was music.

Flex beckoned Renyke to Jerome's office, a ramshackle room filled with books. More books than Renyke had ever seen. Books were no longer used in most homes or schools and the paper shortages after the warmings had meant that they were no longer being produced commercially. Paper had become heavily taxed and there were also problems with scritters

Scritters were large crawling insects that had been made in a laboratory by the Russian military. 

They looked deformed with big insect heads and metal body parts. At birth scritters are born with a soft back and they look for protection from any material that offers a hard shell. Because of the huge landfill areas the rubbish had provided the perfect materials for protection, plastics and metals mostly. During the Russia China wars scritters had been used to carry tiny incendiary divides on their backs as they could be trained easily and were not affected by the nerve gases. But after the wars, the scritters had bred like wildfire, devouring paper and trees and nesting in book spines where the glue offered a perfect cocoon for pupae. Whole libraries had been mutilated by them. They were a scourge on the planet and another reason so many houses were built on stilts in the Midcast Projects. The more paper they ate, the more they reproduced. Books and paper matter that had not been digitally copied had been devastated and lost forever.

'A car you say?' asked Jerome. 'I got plenty, but the fuel....we got no fuel. We are working on some alternatives, but all prototypes so far. They cut off our fuel after the riots. And the food supplies. I have been missing gummies, I loved those.'

Renyke nodded as Jerome continued....

'Transport is a big problem. You'll be better off walking my friend, if you can get through the tunnels. But there are booby traps all around the perimeters here in the zones.'

Renyke checks the POS for details but the tunnels are unchartered. The POS seemed to be struggling with connection and was operating intermittently.

'I have a hybrid cart,' continued Jerome. 'It runs on solar but only for about 3 hours per full charge if you do under 40km. And if it is a cloudy day, an hour. I can let you take it for 3000 G-bits. It won't get off the ground without jet fuel but it can drive on flat ground well enough. It doesn't hold the road well, but if you are a good driver, it won't be an issue.'

'Can you drive?' Renyke asked Flex.

Flex laughed... 'Of course I can.'

A scritter crawls across the floor and Jerome stamps on it. A black tar oozes from under his foot.

Jerome sees Renyke might be changing his mind about the deal. 

'I will take tell You got some tell?"

The POS gets a signal at last......

...TELL: abbreviation of tellurium, found in copper ore. Used in mobile phones, especially older versions where it was added to other metals improving their strength and hardness and reducing corrosion. Rare due to the demise of traditional copper mines and lack of financial viability….

Renyke begins to feel confused about how to get the vehicle and asks the POS for advice.

….I am not programmed to have opinions, Renyke. I do not have access to data about the vehicle or the seller. But Redact is within walking distance…..

Renyke looks at Flex and then at Jerome. A scritter is crawling up his boot and he throws it off with a kick. He feels a rising panic and a thumping in his chest which he does not recognise.

Finally, Renyke says, 'I will walk.'

To be continued

© 2023 Sarnia de la Mare

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Immersion V1 Glossary by Tale Teller Club #glossary

This is the glossary of slang words, colloquial expressions, and useful translations from the world of Immersion.

This dictionary is updated along with each new episode so you can pop back at anytime for reference.

The story of Immersion is set in 2189 so people speak differently. Also the Droids, Humans, Zoners and Midcast Dwellers have their own dialects based on two or more generations of separation and governance.

*ableteen.....an extremely fast high tech solar powered android designed for households 

*agitator.....disruptor, protestor, criminal

*assemblers....a highly technical social grouping who make robots and equipment from found and stolen materials. They are not a gang, but more a collection of like-minded people who share ideas and information.

*bits......a type of unregistered monetary token used in the zones 

*bioflow...natural biological body responses and processes

*bastardos.....a gang of robbers, muggers from the zones

*blessed....legally binding partner/husband/wife/chosen one

*brightside.....refers to any place outside the Zones with organised government because of their sanitised             homes and sophisticated lighting systems

*CASM .....abbreviation Crimes Against State Midcast

*coptor....any flying transportation with rotors

*crimgangs....groups of humans involved in organised crime, similar to pirates, often operating on waterways
*datapods....podcast and video classes particularly used in educational facilities

*dinfant....any android under 16 but often made to look under 5

*DLD....abbreviation Dinfant Loss Depression

*dark cycle....night

*droids...abbreviation of android, a non-human made to look like a human

*edge....an area of land about two miles wide that encircles the zones

*epsceting...freakspeak for expecting

*fooksymess ....a mess or fuckup

*freaks.... mutated humans caused by the effects of chemical warfare

*freakspeak...language spoken by the tribes of the tunnels

*frienly .....colloquial/contracted 'friendly'

*fucksyfool....colloquial, poss. insult, idiot, damned fool,

*fucksyoff....go away, leave me alone

*fuxywot....zone slang for 'what the fuck' expressing disbelief

*gaunty-travel......colloquial, zoners' language roughly translates as a very dangerous journey

  *gilly......colloquialism meaning agile, quick and responsive

*hiddens....people living off grid without data trace

*ishy...slang word used by zoners meaning issue

*loney....a solitary traveller, often nomadic

*lowers....an underclass of Urchs

•metamorph.....a transition to the second or third life after a baby's birth or a passage the living transcend to upon dying

*midcast.... government-supervised enclosed safety habitats for professional workers

*mudafinks....derogatory insult, slang, also motherfuckers

*mumbachumba...mumbling or gossip

*pipin'....abrreviation, piping, the smoking of substances in a pipe

*ponybot....a pony robot

*POS....personal operating system, eg computer-operated technologies, androids, home tech etc

*PF/Protector Force ....the police force operating in the Midcast Projects

*Redact.... an underground secret organisation and headquarters housing a resistance led group of individuals
*scritters....insect hybrids considered vermin 

*shitsylook...staring for any reason at another person

*swapsie-trade....a swap of items that are traded without money, regional

*tellywebs.....mobile viewing ports for entertainment worn on the wrist that can be enlarged into 3d virtual spaces
*timeplenty ....plenty of time, time to spare

•real-real.....(also RR) actual reality as opposed to augmented (AR) or virtual (VR)

*third life.....the life after death

*timeplenty ....plenty of time to do something

*toggies...clothing, colloquial street term

*vicular ....any type of vehicle that can directionally transport

*vilarev.....zonespeak for Vive La Revolution

*websynet ....an underground messaging service used by Zoners that uses encrypted code

*Wappens..abbreviation what is happening? 

*welcummin...freakspeak meaning 'I welcome you here'

*wordysmith'....someone who talks well with many words

*zoners....dwellers from the zones

•zonespeak....a language invented by the zone dwellers to protect privacy and communicate without infiltration from enemies

© 2022 Immersion / Sarnia de la Mare

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