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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A Troubled Man by Tale Teller Club and iServalan from Immersion Books Strata 6

The new single from Strata 6 

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Immersion Books by Tale Teller Club

A Troubled Man is a jazz ballad by the Tale Teller Club.

'I used some very jazzy syncopated piano for this track to underpin a bit of a folk ballad. I played piano, actually two improvised tracks, and then I used pizzicato strings for a bit of edge.'

Flex is the main singer on the single A Troubled Man with iServalan on backing vocals. As the title suggests it is a poignant look at the angst of a man who leaves his troubles with the world when he dies. But it isn't a bleak song, the jazz underpins quite an upbeat vibe and overall it was written tongue in cheek by iServalan.

The track works well with Strata 6 which looks at violent urges in humans and some trouble that Renyke, the main character in this chapter, comes across at the bank.

Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

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Find out more about the Tale Teller Club

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The Tale Teller Club Official Podcast is called the iServalan Show and is available on iTunes, Spotify etc.
What is the Tale Teller Club? Band, Orchestra, Filmmaker, Podcaster, Set Designer, Author, Lyricist and Musician in no particular order

The Tale Teller Club is a captivating platform that weaves together art, literature, and music. Founded by British author, artist, and composer Sarnia de la Maré (also known as iServalan), it offers a multisensory experience for the cerebral cortex. Here are some features of the club:

  1. iServalan Show: A podcast covering topics like AI, culture, and music.
  2. Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts: An online learning platform teaching skills such as drawing, dancing, and playing instruments.
  3. Tale Teller Club Publishing: Produces and distributes audiobooks, ebooks, and short plays.
  4. Tale Teller Club Inked: A show spotlighting tattoo designs and techniques.
  5. Music Therapy: Based on the theory of Rife Healing Vibrations, exploring resonance therapies.

You can explore their enchanting world on their YouTube channel and Twitter🌟🎨📚🎶12

Animation Films by Tale Teller Club for the Book of Immersion Series are available on YouTube

Links to episodes of Immersion written and illustrated by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA, published by Tale Teller Club are below