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Saturday, March 2, 2024

iServalan (Sarnia-d) Writer and creator of the Book of Immersion Book Series on Amazon

 Sarnia is the creator of the Amazon Books Series IMMERSION. Her stag name is iServalan and she is in the band Tale Teller Club, founded in 2020 with an arts development grant from the Future's Venture Foundation.

Here are some links for you guys to access the ebook versions, free on Kindle Plus.

black and white photograph of iServalan (AKA Sarnia de la Maré) from the band Tale Teller Club in their recording studio standing with electric cello and piano

Sarnia de la Maré is a professional artist, author, and illustrator known for her works that draw the viewer or listener in using multimedia performances and exhibits. Let’s delve into her artistic journey:

  1. Artistic Background:

    • Sarnia hails from a lineage of artists and poets, which has deeply influenced her creative path.
    • Her journey into the art and literary world began at an early age, steeped in a rich heritage of creativity. As a child she regularly attended poetry meetings and theatrical performances that were so evocative of the 1960s and 1970s.
    • She was sent away to boarding school at eleven but this was no ordinary school. Frensham Heights in Surrey England has a long history in the creative arts and it was here that her creativity really blossomed.
  2. Book of Immersion Series:

    • Sarnia is both the writer and illustrator of the Book of Immersion series.
    • This series weaves together imagination, storytelling, and visual elements, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the converging storylines. The Book of Immersion also features music by the Tale Teller Club Band.
  3. Marchioness of Dorchester Poetry Collection:

    • As the Marchioness of Dorchester, Sarnia has explored the realm of poetry. A tongue in cheek performance art character locked into the 1600s.
    • Her collection contains evocative verses that touch upon themes of love, longing, and the human experience, often featuring fruit and other symbolism.
  4. Podcast and Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts:

Sarnia de la Maré’s artistic endeavors blend words, images, and emotions that resonate with audiences. 🎨✨

On line examples of the work Sarnia is currently involved with that is available to the public to view.

  1. Art by Sarnia de la Maré:

    • You can immerse yourself in Sarnia’s figurative artworks and portraits by visiting her blog, Art by Sarnia de la Maré
    • Her unique blend of oil paints and gold leaf brings subjects to life, capturing subtle nuances of human expression and revealing the soul beneath the surface1.
    • Explore her techniques, themes, and mesmerizing allure on her blog: Art by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA
  2. “The Afterlife”:

  3. Anti-War Poetry and Live Readings

Check out these useful links with Sarnia's other work.

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Band blog for Tale Teller Club for compositions by Sarnia de la Maré

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Podcasts, poetry and stories by Sarnia de la Mare

Podcasts with a futuristic vibe with poetry readings and music by AI and the Homotech 23s

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