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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Songs by Tale Teller Club Releases 2024 updates

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tale Teller Club™ Soundtracks on YouTube from the Book of Immersion & Music Therapy by Rife Vibes™ Who is Tale Teller Club?

Many of the YouTube Tracks by Tale Teller Club are created as soundtracks for the Book of Immersion, a sci-fi fantasy adventure about the coming of age of AI by writer and musician Sarnia de la Maré FRSA. Others are composed for the ongoing Rife Vibes™ project now available on the Tale Teller Club™ app.

Just some of the releases by Tale Teller Club on YouTube
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Death by Jazz

Tale Teller Club

Headache Healing Rains Cello and Piano Music Therapy

Tale Teller Club

Amazing Grace

Tale Teller Club

Maybeline's Anthem, Gypsy Choir

Tale Teller Club

Healing Rains

Tale Teller Club

Give in to the Pain

Tale Teller Club

Devil's Crown

Tale Teller Club

Alzheimer Rains

Tale Teller Club


Tale Teller Club

Minor Matter Percussion

Tale Teller Club

Army and Navy

Tale Teller Club

The Tale Teller Club Orchestra: Composing Surreal and Dystopian Soundtracks for an Online Book Series

In the vast realm of online creativity, a group known as the Tale Teller Club Orchestra has emerged as a captivating and innovative force, redefining the boundaries of storytelling. With a blend of literary prowess and musical ingenuity, this orchestra and band collaborate to create surreal and dystopian soundtracks for their online book series. Their work not only captivates readers but immerses them in a multisensory journey through the written word and melodious soundscapes.

The Tale Teller Club Orchestra is a collective of authors, musicians, composers, and artists who have joined forces to craft a unique and immersive experience for their readers. The group's primary focus is on producing an ongoing online book series that explores surreal and dystopian themes. However, what sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate original musical compositions into the narrative.

The Orchestra's authors are skilled wordsmiths who craft intricate, mind-bending tales that transport readers to otherworldly dimensions. Each story is meticulously woven with surreal and dystopian elements, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

But the magic truly happens when the musicians and composers in the band step in. They take the written word and transform it into sound, creating a vivid, haunting, and atmospheric backdrop for the narrative. Their compositions range from haunting melodies to dissonant, discordant tunes, enhancing the surreal and dystopian elements of the story.

The interplay between words and music is what defines the Tale Teller Club Orchestra's work. It's as though readers are wearing headphones while reading, experiencing the story in a truly unique and immersive way. These soundtracks elevate the storytelling experience, breathing life into the written word and allowing readers to delve deeper into the surreal and dystopian worlds the authors have envisioned.

The process is a collaborative one. As authors write, they share their work with the band members. The musicians then use the text as inspiration to create compositions that resonate with the narrative's themes, emotions, and atmospheres. The result is a fusion of words and music that evokes a visceral response from the readers.

In addition to their online book series, the Tale Teller Club Orchestra periodically hosts live events, where they bring their stories and soundscapes to life in a unique and immersive way. These events allow fans to experience the Orchestra's work in a live setting, further blurring the lines between literature and music.

The Tale Teller Club Orchestra has successfully demonstrated that storytelling isn't confined to the written word alone. By integrating original soundtracks into their online book series, they have pushed the boundaries of storytelling, creating an experience that transcends the page and captivates readers in an entirely new and extraordinary way. Their fusion of words and music not only immerses readers in surreal and dystopian worlds but leaves them eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this innovative artistic journey.

Band Members include

Vapor Punk™



©2023 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

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