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Saturday, November 18, 2023

iServalan™ Tattoos, Hand Poke, by me, and Machine Tattoos by Friends #iservalan #tattootv #tattoos #ink


My latest tattoo by Helena Heath

My body is certainly becoming a living work of art with my tattoos and I have great plans for the future.

Tattoo TV is filming next week for my Tattoo TV shows on the new Vimeo station and app and I will definitely be getting a few more ink in the new year by other tattooists on the bits I can't reach.

One of my early tattoos was done in Brighton on my back. It had a lot of black and was agony.

I started hand poking in 2023 and it is a journey of discovery as I try different styles and images.

I used AI for some of my tattoos like this heart dog. I quite liked using AI as it came up with unusual topics and styles for me to learn the art of hand poke with.

This was my very first tattoo which bled out after a few weeks as I pressed too hard and the ink went too deep. It is still very precious to me as it was the start of the journey and celebrated the birth of my granddaughter.

These are some colour tattoos by Matt, artist at

My Cat Cellist by Matt

My gun tattoo was done by Helena Heath and is going to be recoloured and
have some additions in the new year as it is around 15 years old.

Outline of my Tank Girl by Matt 

More by Matt

I had this one done by Funky Bhuda in Gosport

As a cellist, I have to say that I love this one done by Matt

My giant lady bird by Matt at
and a drunk panda by Funky Bhuda

My giant stomach tattoo by Funky Budha covers a very long post-cancer hysterectomy scar
and a cesarian scar, it was a real mess under all that ink

So cute and very big, she gets a lot of attention in the summers 
because you can see what it is from very far away.

Still coming back to nature at Funky Bhuda

And another, backwards, by Funky Bhuda

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