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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Immersion V1, Strata 5, Renyke Goes to The Bank (Memories and Experiences)

Welcome to Immersion, you have reached Strata 5 


To function correctly, humans depend almost entirely upon memories. Memory is an integral part of human cognition allowing individuals to recall and draw upon past events to frame their understanding of the present. Memory also gives individuals a paradigm through which they make sense of the present and the future whilst simultaneously offering the security of a past where experiences and lessons were learned.
A machine that remembers too little will not be able to do anything that requires connecting past experiences to new ones. Many droids are prone to catastrophic forgetting or over learning both of which can cause gross malfunction.


Renyke attempted a face-recog on the woman but the makeup or tattoo caused a data malfunction. Flex, the one with probable knowledge about trusting her, had disappeared amongst the crowd.

After a lingering interlude for summing up dangers but with no logical conclusion, Renyke followed his guide, with some trepidation.

tribal head dress make up tattoos exuberant clothes cat
They passed through a sprawling enclosed area with people on benches sewing fabrics into garments and trading foodstuff. They were undercover of a crude roof created from old metal washing machines, air conditioning pipes, and large expanses of recovered twisted paraphernalia. The scene was reminiscent of the old bizarres and markets, as seen the history *datapods of mankind that the children in the Midcasts learned from.

There were traders of live animals, electronic devices, even people selling workers by the hour, for anything from labouring to singing and sexual services.

They arrived at a unit with barricades and metal shutters. It was constructed from an old underground train carriage, probably from the twenty-first century.

'Here we go,' the woman said.
'That's 50 G-bits for getting you here Mr.'

'I have to get some money first,' said Renyke
'Plus, I don't know how to get the money. What do I need, I have no ID.'

'You don't need ID here Mr. This is the *hiddens' zone, the Urchs got no ID. No ID, no problem.'

'Well. how do I get money?' asked Renyke, now confused about accessing anything that may be stored in his OS. and still dubious about sharing his identity.'

The woman laughed.
'Ya gotta put sometin' up my friend.

'Like my coat?' asked Renyke.

'Na, not in the bank! Your software, course, or hardware, or files, whatever.....just plug in, give some data, get some g-bits innit. They take apps, software, POS.....

Day to Day Data..... is their wayta.....
.....hahahahaha.' The woman cackled.

Renyke pondered the likelihood of a successful transaction in the bank and nodded.
The woman bashed on the metal door and a hatch opened.

Dark peering eyes checked Renyke and his companion up and down.

'Not the dog', said a loud booming voice after tentatively opening a heavily armoured door.

Inside was well guarded by large-framed characters who looked menacing to say the least. They were standard issue security droids, the like of older versions that had been discontinued and recalled, disassembled and disposed of. Security in the Midcasts was controlled by forcefields and lasers with little need for big ugly droids.

Renyke was ushered to a small cubical with an array of plugs and wires. Everything looked antiquated, from the early tech years.
There was a chair and Renyke was motioned to sit down.
He hesitated.

'How does it work?' He asked a large droid.

The droid seemed stupefied, slow, sluggish, as if he had been drained of power despite his size. He spoke slowly and slightly slurred with intermittent beeping noises and error warnings.

'Here is the current exchange rate,' said the droid, pointing to a monitor with flashing figures. 'As soon as you are plugged we see what you got and make an offer. Then we transfer. You get a voucher here.'....he pointed to a small printing machine, 'then take it over there and get g-bits or s bits.'

There were hundreds of wires and plugs seemingly for extracting and monitoring every device from the last couple of centuries. Anything from antique video machines to digital clocks seemed to have a lead on offer.

Renyke spotted the mark 3 Droid Cable and shuddered.

He checked his applications. Then all the add-ons. He checked for any temp files he could get rid of. Then he checked the POS and asked if there was a clean-up they could run.

System is currently set to factory install. Removing program files or data could be detrimental to smooth function....this action is not supported.....

more searching......then finally

one file found
unknown origin
possible memory file from last OS
surplus to current operational needs......unable to access file contents

Renyke weighed up the odds.

To be continued
© 2023 Sarnia de Ła Maré

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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Immersion V1 Glossary by Tale Teller Club #glossary

This is the glossary of slang words, colloquial expressions, and useful translations from the world of Immersion.

This dictionary is updated along with each new episode so you can pop back at anytime for reference.

The story of Immersion is set in 2189 so people speak differently. Also the Droids, Humans, Zoners and Midcast Dwellers have their own dialects based on two or more generations of separation and governance.

*ableteen.....an extremely fast high tech solar powered android designed for households 

*agitator.....disruptor, protestor, criminal

*assemblers....a highly technical social grouping who make robots and equipment from found and stolen materials. They are not a gang, but more a collection of like-minded people who share ideas and information.

*bits......a type of unregistered monetary token used in the zones 

*bioflow...natural biological body responses and processes

*bastardos.....a gang of robbers, muggers from the zones

*blessed....legally binding partner/husband/wife/chosen one

*brightside.....refers to any place outside the Zones with organised government because of their sanitised             homes and sophisticated lighting systems

*CASM .....abbreviation Crimes Against State Midcast

*coptor....any flying transportation with rotors

*crimgangs....groups of humans involved in organised crime, similar to pirates, often operating on waterways
*datapods....podcast and video classes particularly used in educational facilities

*dinfant....any android under 16 but often made to look under 5

*DLD....abbreviation Dinfant Loss Depression

*dark cycle....night

*droids...abbreviation of android, a non-human made to look like a human

*edge....an area of land about two miles wide that encircles the zones

*epsceting...freakspeak for expecting

*fooksymess ....a mess or fuckup

*freaks.... mutated humans caused by the effects of chemical warfare

*freakspeak...language spoken by the tribes of the tunnels

*frienly .....colloquial/contracted 'friendly'

*fucksyfool....colloquial, poss. insult, idiot, damned fool,

*fucksyoff....go away, leave me alone

*fuxywot....zone slang for 'what the fuck' expressing disbelief

*gaunty-travel......colloquial, zoners' language roughly translates as a very dangerous journey

  *gilly......colloquialism meaning agile, quick and responsive

*hiddens....people living off grid without data trace

*ishy...slang word used by zoners meaning issue

*loney....a solitary traveller, often nomadic

*lowers....an underclass of Urchs

•metamorph.....a transition to the second or third life after a baby's birth or a passage the living transcend to upon dying

*midcast.... government-supervised enclosed safety habitats for professional workers

*mudafinks....derogatory insult, slang, also motherfuckers

*mumbachumba...mumbling or gossip

*pipin'....abrreviation, piping, the smoking of substances in a pipe

*ponybot....a pony robot

*POS....personal operating system, eg computer-operated technologies, androids, home tech etc

*PF/Protector Force ....the police force operating in the Midcast Projects

*Redact.... an underground secret organisation and headquarters housing a resistance led group of individuals
*scritters....insect hybrids considered vermin 

*shitsylook...staring for any reason at another person

*swapsie-trade....a swap of items that are traded without money, regional

*tellywebs.....mobile viewing ports for entertainment worn on the wrist that can be enlarged into 3d virtual spaces
*timeplenty ....plenty of time, time to spare

•real-real.....(also RR) actual reality as opposed to augmented (AR) or virtual (VR)

*third life.....the life after death

*timeplenty ....plenty of time to do something

*toggies...clothing, colloquial street term

*vicular ....any type of vehicle that can directionally transport

*vilarev.....zonespeak for Vive La Revolution

*websynet ....an underground messaging service used by Zoners that uses encrypted code

*Wappens..abbreviation what is happening? 

*welcummin...freakspeak meaning 'I welcome you here'

*wordysmith'....someone who talks well with many words

*zoners....dwellers from the zones

•zonespeak....a language invented by the zone dwellers to protect privacy and communicate without infiltration from enemies

© 2022 Immersion / Sarnia de la Mare

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