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Fashion and Beauty Podcast with Pianist iServalan from Tale Teller Club


I am a designer, musician, and author from the UK sharing my life with an audience of like-minded creative listeners, and anyone else who would like to listen in.

Join me over breakfast and at bedtime for a little chat and some gentle piano music with some advice on how I am making my fortune.

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Midnight in bed with a musician and a bit of chill music therapy by Tale Teller Club
28 Aug, 2023

Chatting from the boudoir about Ai and billionaires
28 Aug, 2023

War and Peace In bed with a pianist and some bedtime piano
27 Aug, 2023

An introduction to the new show by Grandma Pasha (That's What the Grandkids Call Me)
27 Aug, 2023

Marchioness of Dorchester is on Onlyfans and so is the Boob Job Daisy Bra❤️‍🔥
31 Jul, 2023

Goddamn Granny does the Wet Tee Shirt Photography Shoot for the New Daisy Bra
31 Jul, 2023

Episode 30
29 Jul, 2023

Nipples, erotic art, flesh, dominatrix shenanigans, art and going underground with cryptocurrency
20 Jul, 2023

Intermittent Fasting, timing your best fast times. Tips on weight training and diet with iServalan
19 Jul, 2023

Welcome to the Tale Teller Club. iServalan presents It Was Raining in July
17 Jul, 2023

It was Raining in July by Tale Teller Club
16 Jul, 2023

Eye Lift with superglue, did it work? Some craft tips about glue from iServalan
12 Jul, 2023

Tale Teller Kids is live at Vapor Punk Studios
11 Jul, 2023

High Protein Diet Over 60, Hip Replacements and Dangers of Protein Powders with iServalan
11 Jul, 2023

What are NFTs Digital Assets and Crypto Currencies? Let Grandma explain
09 Jul, 2023

How old is elderly exactly? How do you see yourself?
08 Jul, 2023

Intermittent fasting, creating a personal diet and sleeping routine and iServalan’s keep fit classes in heels and a corset
07 Jul, 2023

Midnight Pleasures, nipples and nudes, what a day with iServalan
06 Jul, 2023

Wellbeing and Health, the importance of image for happiness with iServalan
05 Jul, 2023

TTC.TV What is it? Get involved, come say hi.VJ clips, alternative comedy, radical arts and more
05 Jul, 2023

To Hell I Went Down with heartburn
03 Jul, 2023

Testing the Wix live recording facility on iPad
01 Jul, 2023

Off to Frensham Heights Founders Day for a picnic on the lawn
01 Jul, 2023

Faking it with iServalan
30 Jun, 2023

Conflict Free Diamonds from the Tale Teller Club
29 Jun, 2023

60 Summers
28 Jun, 2023

News of fabulous things
27 Jun, 2023

60 Summers Podcast with iServalan ft The Raven by Tale Teller Club
26 Jun, 2023

Russia’s Wagner Group are Big Drama Queens in A Comedy Soap Opera. Ft Gosamer and Steel by Tale Teller Club
25 Jun, 2023

Juliet’s Anthem by Tale Teller Cub
24 Jun, 2023


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Free Ringtones 🎤 by iServalan from the Tale Teller Club

Free Ringtones

Tale Teller Club Publishing
Music and chat make the world go round here at the ringtone factory.
Presented by musician and composer iServalan from the band Tale Teller Club.

Get some great tips for record production with a bonus giveaway every day.
100s of music samples are the bonus giveaways each day and there is advice for content creators and VJs too. If you dream of making a name in the music industry, iServalan talks about how to get there and all the ways you can make great music using standard software packages.

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You can check out my music on my official music channel on YouTube

Free Ringtone 🎤 Male Chop Vocals Heavy Bass Guitar Logic Pro Plugins pple Loops Medley
29 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone 🎤 Female Vocal Singtone Shake Me Down How To Graduate Ambience Distance - Presence
28 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtones 🎤 Singtone Female Vocal Loop Airy Time is Now Bonus How To Logic Pro Legacy Plugins
27 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtones 🎤 Singtone Factory Lazy on a Saturday Loops and Tips by iServalan
26 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone Sington Mobile Phone You Want Me to Talk Dirty? Tale Teller Music School
25 Aug, 2023

Tamagotchi by Tale Teller Club How it was made by iServalan The Importance of Lyrics in the Journey
25 Aug, 2023

Free Ringones Singtones and how to Make Electronic Music Sing Baby Sing Tale Teller Club
24 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone Female Vocal iServalan Logic Pro Tips Tale Teller Club Beats SFX Bonus Giveaway
23 Aug, 2023

Music Therapy by Tale Teller Club Using the Rife Resonance Vibrations
22 Aug, 2023

Love ❤️‍🔥 Baby Please Free 🎤 Ringtone Factory Loops n Jingles by iServalan at Tale Teller Club
22 Aug, 2023

Free iServalan Ringtone Singtone Lay Back and let me Love You Android Robot Female Vocal
21 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone Using Garageband Saviour Help Me Singtone Horror Dark Gothic Bauhaus
20 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone Just Keep the Beat Vapor Punk Evoc 20 Microfreak Style Sample by iServalan at Tale Teler Club
18 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtones and Singtones Little Bit of peace on Earth is all We Need by iServalan at Tale Teller Club
17 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone Factory Kissin with my lips 80s Female Vocal Synths Singtone Ringtone by Tale Teller Club fit iServalan
16 Aug, 2023

Free Music Ringtone Singtone 🎤 Vapor Punk Vocal Me n My Robot Makin' Out Bonus Download Loop Futurist Distortion
15 Aug, 2023

Free Music Rintone Singtone 🎤 Lay Me Down Robot Vocal by iServalan Vapor Punk Tale Teller Club SFX Logic Pro GarageBand Tips n Tricks
15 Aug, 2023

Free Music 🎤 Vapor Punk Robot Ringtone Singtone He's Going to Hell in a Hard Box Bonus download content giveaway
14 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Female male Voices Feel the Power by iServalan at Tale Teller Club Loops Factory Bonus Downloads SFX
13 Aug, 2023

Free Female Vocal 🎤 Ringtone Jazz Hip Hop Swing Free-Music by iServalan at Tale teller Club Beats
12 Aug, 2023

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12 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone 🎤 Retro Rock Beats 🎸Female Vocal Feel the Beat Band Factory Bonus Loops by iServalan and Tale Teller Club Music Giveaways
10 Aug, 2023

Massive Ringtone 🎤 Giveaway by iServalan 28 Grooves SFX Loops Samples Tale Teller Club Bonus Free-Music
10 Aug, 2023

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09 Aug, 2023

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08 Aug, 2023

Free Female Vocal Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Show me how to boogie baby mp3 by Tale Teller Club iServalan Beats Ministry
07 Aug, 2023

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05 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Female Vocal Given Me a Reason to Live Dramatic Motown Rhythm Guitar and Drums
04 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Vapor Punk Robot Bonus Downloads by Tale Teller Club Free Bonus Content Logic Pro
04 Aug, 2023

Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone GUITAR 🎸 by Tale Teller Club Subway Singer Cool Sounds Logic Pro Plug In Bonus Episode
02 Aug, 2023

Music Therapy Podcast Rife Vibes by Tale Teller Clu

Music Therapy
Rife Vibes Music Therapy Podcasts logo hand diver swimmer

Toddle Poddle™ TV and Radio for young children

Toddle Poddle™
Vapor Punk™

Dedicated stories for young children.

Plus lots of cool ideas for party and game fun, tips on kid-friendly restaurants and days out, and lots more!

TODDLE PODDLE and Tale Teller Lids Welcome to bedtime stories chosen by Vapor Punk at Toddle Poddle!

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An Artist an Artist by Toddle Poddle TV and Radio for Tale Teller Kids
29 Aug, 2023

Humpty Dumpty Baby by Toddle Poddle
27 Aug, 2023

The Wooden Horse Free Toddler Entertaining Audiobooks from Tale Teller Book Club
27 Aug, 2023

Homeless Hare From 50 Funny Animal Stories Free Audiobooks for Toddlers and Nursery Ages
27 Aug, 2023

Magic Unicorn Toddle Poddle at tale teller Kids
27 Aug, 2023

Freddy and Bertie tell a Joke by Toddle Poddle
27 Aug, 2023

Peter Patter by Toddle Poddle
27 Aug, 2023

Funny Rhymes and Stories for Toddlers and Nursery Age Kids Free Children's Books On Line
27 Aug, 2023

A Free to Share Lullaby by iServalan for Babies and Carers Sing Along to Any Tune by Toddle Poddle
27 Aug, 2023

Hands by Toddle Poddle TV at Tale Teller Club
27 Aug, 2023

The Marchioness of Dorchester: Unveiling the Legacy and Influence, where it all began

The Marchioness of Dorchester: Unveiling the Legacy and Influence


In the realm of historical figures who left their mark on British society, the Marchioness of Dorchester stands as a prominent figure whose life and influence continue to captivate our curiosity. Known for her beauty, wit, and significant role in the court of King James II, her story offers insights into the complexities of aristocratic life during a transformative period in British history. In this article, we delve into the life, impact, and enduring legacy of the Marchioness of Dorchester.

Early Life and Entry into Court

The Marchioness of Dorchester, whose birth name was Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn, was born on February 2, 1650, in London. Raised in a humble background, she found herself drawn into the world of theatre at a young age, eventually becoming one of the most celebrated actresses of her time. Her charm, quick wit, and captivating performances brought her to the attention of King Charles II, marking the beginning of her journey from the stage to the royal court.

The Royal Connection

Nell Gwyn's relationship with King Charles II is a legendary tale of love and influence that defied the social norms of the era. Despite her lack of noble lineage, Nell captured the king's heart with her vivacious personality and genuine nature. While she did not receive an official royal title, she became the King's mistress and bore him two sons, Charles Beauclerk and James Beauclerk. The King's unwavering affection for Nell was notable, and she enjoyed a level of influence over the monarch, often speaking her mind on political matters.

Life as the Marchioness of Dorchester

After the passing of King Charles II, Nell Gwyn's relationship with the royal court continued under King James II. In 1684, she was granted the title of "Duchess of Kendal and Countess of Chesterfield" by the king, making her the Marchioness of Dorchester. This title elevated her social standing and allowed her to maintain her presence in court circles.

Legacy and Contributions

Nell Gwyn's legacy extends beyond her personal relationships and aristocratic titles. She is remembered for her wit, kindness, and contributions to the arts. Despite her royal connections, Nell remained accessible and relatable, earning the affection of the common people. She used her influence to advocate for charitable causes and supported various philanthropic endeavors.

Her presence also contributed to the development of English theater. Nell Gwyn's acting career not only entertained audiences but also played a role in legitimizing women on the stage.

Enduring Influence

The legacy of the Marchioness of Dorchester continues to be a subject of fascination and inspiration. Her ability to transcend her humble beginnings and make a mark on the royal court reflects her resilience and the dynamic spirit of her era. Nell Gwyn remains an emblem of the social mobility that was possible during a time of significant political and cultural change.


The Marchioness of Dorchester's life was a tapestry woven with elements of drama, love, and societal transformation. From her origins as an actress to her prominent role in the royal court, she navigated a complex world with charm and authenticity. Nell Gwyn's legacy as a woman who seized opportunities, influenced power dynamics, and contributed to the arts reminds us that history's stories are often as colorful and intricate as the personalities who shape them.

Has Rife Therapy healing been proven to be successful? Sarnia de la Maré FRSA is a music Therapist from the UK.

woman DJ iServalan radio studio microphone braids fashion

Music Therapy Recordings by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA at the Table Teller Club.

Our busy YouTube Channel is becoming popular with some amazing tracks for healing, repair, and revitalisation. Below you can find out all about the Rife Vibration Series and listen to the recordings.Music Therapy Recordings by Sarnia de la maré at the Table Teller Club.

Our busy YouTube Channel is becoming popular with some amazing tracks for healing, repair, and revitalisation. Below you can find out all about the Rife Vibration Series and listen to the recordings.Music Therapy Recordings by Sarnia de la maré at the Table Teller Club.

Our busy YouTube Channel is becoming popular with some amazing tracks for healing, repair, and revitalisation. Below you can find out all about the Rife Vibration Series and listen to the recordings.

Music Therapy Recordings by Sarnia de la maré at the Table Teller Club.

Our busy YouTube Channel is becoming popular with some amazing tracks for healing, repair, and revitalisation. Below you can find out all about the Rife Vibration Series and listen to the recordings.

Title: Exploring Rife Vibration Therapy: Science, Benefits, and Controversies


In the world of alternative and complementary therapies, various techniques have emerged that claim to offer health benefits beyond conventional medicine. One such method is Rife Vibration Therapy, a lesser-known approach that has sparked interest among individuals seeking alternative ways to support their well-being. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of Rife Vibration Therapy, its origins, potential benefits, as well as the controversies surrounding it.

Understanding Rife Vibration Therapy

Rife Vibration Therapy, often referred to as Rife Frequency Therapy or Rife Machine Therapy, is a holistic healing approach that involves the use of electromagnetic frequencies to target and potentially eliminate harmful microorganisms within the body. The therapy is based on the ideas of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor and microbiologist who lived during the early 20th century.

Dr. Rife's theories revolved around the concept that every microorganism has a resonant frequency at which it can be destroyed. He believed that by exposing the body to specific electromagnetic frequencies, it was possible to disrupt the cellular structures of pathogens, leading to their destruction without harming healthy cells.

How Rife Vibration Therapy Works

Rife Vibration Therapy typically involves the use of a Rife Machine, which generates electromagnetic frequencies that are thought to match the resonant frequencies of specific microorganisms. Practitioners and proponents of this therapy claim that by exposing the body to these frequencies, the targeted pathogens can be debilitated or destroyed, ultimately promoting better health and immune function.

Potential Benefits of Rife Vibration Therapy

Advocates of Rife Vibration Therapy suggest that it may offer a range of potential benefits, including:

Microbial Balance: Supporters believe that Rife Vibration Therapy could help address infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Pain Relief: Some individuals claim that Rife Therapy has helped them alleviate pain, especially when related to certain conditions like arthritis or chronic inflammation.

Improved Well-Being: Proponents suggest that Rife Therapy could contribute to an overall sense of well-being by promoting balance within the body.

Minimal Invasiveness: Unlike certain medical interventions, Rife Vibration Therapy is considered non-invasive and generally lacks the side effects associated with pharmaceutical treatments.

Controversies and Criticisms

Rife Vibration Therapy has not been widely accepted by the mainstream medical community, and there are several reasons for this skepticism:

Lack of Scientific Evidence: One of the primary criticisms is the lack of well-designed scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Rife Vibration Therapy in treating various health conditions.

Unsupported Claims: Some of the claims made by practitioners and proponents of Rife Therapy go beyond what is currently supported by scientific research, leading to concerns about the therapy's credibility.

Regulatory Issues: The marketing and sale of Rife Machines have faced regulatory challenges due to claims that they can diagnose or treat medical conditions, which is subject to strict regulations in many countries.

Placebo Effect: Some positive outcomes reported by individuals undergoing Rife Vibration Therapy could be attributed to the placebo effect, where perceived improvements are not due to the therapy itself but rather the belief in its effectiveness.


Rife Vibration Therapy remains a subject of debate within the medical and scientific communities. While the concept of using electromagnetic frequencies for health benefits is intriguing, the lack of robust scientific evidence and the presence of controversies raise questions about its legitimacy. As with any alternative therapy, individuals considering Rife Vibration Therapy should approach it with caution, conduct thorough research, and consult with qualified healthcare professionals before making any decisions regarding their health and well-being.

Monday, August 28, 2023

iServalan Designer Tee Dresses on Ebay

iServalan Designer Tee Dresses on Ebay

New Tale Teller Club Merch in my eBay Store Today's Release Leopadskin Cars!


Marchioness of Dorchester Ch 1 News Comes as My Army Waits Audiobook and text

Monday August 28 The Year of the Goddess 2258 Transcript Via Implanted Telephonic Device 
Mornings are frightful here in the tower. I am given message (by secret means via the nursemaid for the child) that I am to be released without delay. Word came from Zone X that the true perpetrator of the crime against humanity has been found. 
I await apology but presume it will not come. These people are barbarians. The filth in this place has become unbearable. 
The stench of rancid afterbirth fills the chambers and I am entangled with the vexed and impoverished to whom I am not acclimatised. 
Wait! The guard cometh! 
‘You are to leave, your freedom granted by the King, sign here!’ 

Friends, ye who listen with any caring, I am to be released immediately. But tis with great sorrow that I am separated from my offspring. A sadness wraps me, nay, stifles me even. My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces. 
This Gangster King will return the child upon proof of my return to Zone X. 
They fear my army who loiter near the castle perimeters for safe news that I breathe without encumbrance. 
I am to go, post haste, for there is revolution in my blood!

© 2023 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Welcome to the new book by the Marchioness of Dorchester The book is a real life transcript of the Marchioness life set in real time in 2258. New episodes each day on the podcast and YouTube. 
#sarniadelamare #book #marchionessofdorchester #taletellerclub #adventure #scifi #futurism #iservalan 

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